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What is  [MAAP]?
MAAP stands for MyAir Assessment Program. This is a tool to assess the quality of air you breath and help you understand the type of optimal air purification you require.


Size of Room (in Feet)

Length: x Width:
x Height:

Room Air Volume (f3):

Room Air Volume (m3):

Room Air Volume Minus Furniture (m3):

Air Change multiplier for general use is 4

Air Purifier should have a CADR of atleast: m3/hr or CFM
**CADR = Clean Air Delivery Rate

Other things to consider before you buy an Air Purifier:
- Does the Air Purifier Remove Gases and Chemicals
- What is the CADR for different pollutants (eg. Smoke, Formaldehyde, Nicotine, etc)
- Does it have any Third party independent certification
- What is the Minimal Size of Pollutants it can filter ie. 2.5 microns or 0.01 microns or 0.0024 microns (eg. Size of Corona virus is 0.06 microns)

Air Purifier is not just a consumer product but it is a "Preventive Health Product". Kindly do due diligence before you buy it.

To get a personalized requirement just fill in the online assessment questionnaire and we will enroll you for free into our MyAir Assessment Program [MAAP].




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