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Preventive Healthcare


Preventive Medicine
Preventive Medicine, also known as Preventative Health is best described as "warding off disease". It is a process of making small regular decisions and taking positive action on health, diet, exercise and lifestyle.

These actions give your body the best chance of remaining free from disease or ailment.

There are many diseases, illnesses and injuries that can be prevented by vaccination, early detection or other measures.

Knowing that healthcare costs will not decrease in coming years, the challenge then becomes how to control the increases to manageable levels. Consider the following best practices to address rising healthcare costs:

Personal Wellness 360
+ Clean Air new
+ Preventive Checkup
+ Disease Management
+ Medical Insurance
+ Deaddiction
+ Nutrition

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Health 'N' Wellness will help you in deciding what is best for you and your family and provide adequate knowledge to make informed decisions.




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